Privacy Policy

Please read carefully before agreeing to our privacy policy


Privacy Policy

Please read carefully before agreeing to our privacy policy

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Privacy Policy

What is a privcy policy

A privacy policy refers to your rights to privacy when interacting with our online services such as our website, marketing, online commubication and consulting services.

Your right to privacy

We do not provide your personal details or personal medical information such as name, email, phone number or personal injury status such as having lower back pain to any other entity for any other reason. Thus all personal details and or medical information is secure within our business. However, for those wishing to obtain additional information we may require your personal details and or medical history. Therefore, we need your permission to collect your information. Where we require your personal or medical information we will ask for your permission. Thus respecting your right to privacy.

Personal information includes the following communication methods:

Our privacy policy includes all personal information gathered by interacting with our website. This includes: - all communications via email maketing, such as subscribing and entering competitions - all communications via chat bots, such as enquiries - all communications via our Facebook page, such as commenting - all communications via online forms, such as subcribing - all communications via Text (SMS) - all communications via phone - all communications via telehealth - all communications with our website, such as browsing, members area and payments - all communications via a consulting services such as payments - all communications regardless of method

Medical information includes the following:

To interact with our consulting services we may require the following information: - past medical history - current medical history - past and current medications and dosages We reserve the right to request this information in order to consult our services oth online and in-person. We respect your right to not provide this information. However, certain information may be neccessary to provide our consulting services. Therefore, if certain information is not provided, we reserve the right to cease the consulting services.

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