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Osteopathy Melbourne and Burwood: A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief and Wellbeing

Osteopathy: A Hands-On Therapy for a Variety of Conditions

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that focuses on the body's structure and function. Osteopaths believe that the body's ability to heal itself can be enhanced by improving the alignment and movement of the bones, muscles, and joints.

Chiropractic Treatment

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of manual therapy that emphasizes the relationship between the structure and function of the body. Osteopaths believe that the body has the ability to heal itself, and that by improving the alignment and movement of the bones, muscles, and joints, they can help to restore the body's natural balance and function.

What are the Benefits of Osteopathy?

Osteopathy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including:


Jaw Pain

Neck Pain

Upper Back Pain

Lower back Pain

Pelvic & SIJ Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Wrist & Hand Pain

Hip & Groin Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle & Foot Pain

How Does Osteopathy Work?

Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to help improve the body's structure and function, including:

Soft tissue massage: This involves applying pressure to the muscles and soft tissues to relieve tension and improve circulation.
Joint mobilization: This involves gently moving the joints to improve their range of motion and reduce pain.
Manipulation: This involves applying a more forceful, brief force to the joints to improve their alignment and function.
Myofascial release: This involves applying pressure to the fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and organs.
Exercise and postural advice: Osteopaths can also provide advice on exercises and stretches that can help to improve your posture and reduce pain.

Melbourne Osteopath

Dr. Nicholas Usui-Crook

Dr. Usui-Crook is an experienced and highly qualified Melbourne osteopath in Burwood who utilizes a combination of manual therapy, exercise and lifestyle changes to help restore balance and harmony to the body. With a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system and its interaction with posture, we are committed to helping you find lasting relief and improved wellbeing.

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Posture Blueprint
Osteopathic Scoliosis Clinic Burwood

Welcome to Posture Blueprint. We are a postural osteopathic located in the heart of Burwood, VIC. We are proud to serve clients in the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne South East.
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