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Your Posture Coach Burwood Osteopath Mel



How it works

​​Today, more than ever we are spending more time sitting with poor posture in front of the computer and on our smart phones. The result of this modern lifestyle is an epidemic of back and neck pain. That's why we have developed posture blueprint. 

To evaluate your posture blueprint, we'll require need to hear all about your problems. There's:


  1. online form

  2. we may require further information: posture photos, Xrray reports, films, photo of desk set up, etc. 

  3. approval process before proceeding, to assess suitabilit, or referral to another healthcare professional

    1. if approved

  4. online face-to-face consultation 

    1. price $197, save $100, $97.00. ​

  5. APP (Physitrack)​

  6. 3 options: 

    1. 1 week​ $97

    2. 4 weeks $137

    3. 12 weeks $297

Feel the difference of improving your posture all from the comfort of your home or office. 

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140 Burwood Hwy, Burwood, 3125, Victoria

Your Posture Coach Burwood Osteopath Mel



(03) 8538 6111

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