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We do not gaurantee your condition will improve.

We do not gaurantee results. By utilizing our online and in-person consulting services we do not gaurantee that your condition will improve.


Where persons are not satisfied with the level of service we provide we will provide a full refund on the specific service that you claim was unsatisfactory. We may ask for the reason why a refund was requested. However, we will provide the refund no matter the reason. We do request those individuals who are unsatisfied contact us immediately via our email, so we can provide a refund as soon as possible. We may require your bank account details to provide the refund.

Results vary.

As a result of our consulting services your condition may improve, worsen or their may be no change. This is typical as not all conditions respond the same, even if it worked for someone you may know, it may not work for you. Therefore, results may vary. We do request that each person communicate with us immediately if your condition worsens, and cease all exercises prescribed to you if your condition deteriorates.

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